EasyFix® is available in several variants according to load requirements and task

EasyFix® is available in multiple sizes ranging from 1000 mm to 3340 mm and loads up to 13,6 ton depending on variant. The height is adjusted with 2 mm accuracy using the corresponding spacers and with special order, the top and bottom flange can be tailored for your task.

The EasyFix® column is also a Danish developed quality product, CE-approved and galvanized in corrosion class C4.

EasyFix® is a permanent, load-bearing column, and thus not just temporary support

Overview of EasyFix® columns

EasyFix Standard

EasyFix® Standard

ProductAdjustment rangeMax load
Standard 18001800-2570mmUp to 7.3 tonnes
Standard 25702570-3340mmUp to 4.7 tonnes

EasyFix® Heavy

ProductAdjustment rangeMax load
Heavy 18001800-2570mmUp to 13.6 tonnes
Heavy 25702570-3340mmUp to 8.8 tonnes
Heavy 33403340-4110 mmUp to 6.5 tonnes
Heavy 41104110-4880 mmUp to 4.5 tonnes
Heavy 48804880-5650 mmUp to 3.3 tonnes

EasyFix® Mini

ProductAdjustment rangeMax load
Mini 10001000-1750mmUp to 3.3 tonnes
Mini 17501750-2500mmUp to 1.5 tonnes

Do you need EasyFix® design files?

Du kan downloade designfiler (DWG filer, etc.) til vores produkter direkte via vores hjemmeside.

Download EasyFix® designfiler

Ønsker du i stedet at få tilsendt designfiler på email eller har du andre spørgsmål, så brug vores kontaktformular.

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Many possible uses everywhere in the construction project

EasyFix® can be used in many ways and can save considerable time as an alternative to fixed-length columns. With EasyFix®, you can avoid unsuitable stop-gap solutions that cannot be approved.

Approved for built-in use

It is easy to isolate around EasyFix® and thus minimize the risk of thermal bridges.

Buy EasyFix® from your local expert

EasyFix® is available at select DIY centers and wholesalers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EasyFix® CE approved?
Yes - EasyFix® steel columns are approved in accordance with DS/EN-1090, which is the European legislation for construction steel. See the EasyFix® CE declaration of conformity here.
How do I order EasyFix®?
EasyFix® can be purchased at a number of different distributors and DIY centers. Some of these are shown under the “Partners” tab at the top of the page.
Can you use EasyFix® in multiple-floor buildings?
EasyFix® was primarily developed for one- and two-story houses, so EasyFix® is not always suitable for buildings where high carrying capacity is necessary. The limiting factor is the carrying capacity. EasyFix® can be used for projects of up to 13.6 metric tons (136kN).
Can EasyFix® be used in DIY projects?
Yes - EasyFix® can be used by professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers.
Who manufactures EasyFix®?
EasyFix® is primarily manufactured by EBS’ sister company, Metallin ApS. See www.Metallin.dk for more information.
Can my company become an EasyFix® distributor/partner?
You are very welcome to contact us with a view to becoming a distributor.

Any questions?