EasyFix® - the adjustable support column

EasyFix® is a support column that is easily height-adjustable.

EasyFix® has been approved for built-in use and can support steel beams, laminated wood or concrete elements in buildings, eaves, extensions, carports, windbreak walls etc.


Adjustable height

EasyFix® columns can be adjusted to heights of between 1000 mm and 3340 mm, depending on the model – see all models here:


Skip the blacksmith and get a packaged EasyFix® right away at your local DIY center – nothing to wait for

Approved for built-in use

The EasyFix® column is CE-approved in accordance with applicable EU regulations (DS/EN-1090)

EasyFix® is easy to assemble

Learn more, and hear what our customers are saying about EasyFix®

Many possible uses everywhere in the construction project

EasyFix® can be used in many ways and can save considerable time as an alternative to fixed-length columns. With EasyFix®, you can avoid unsuitable stop-gap solutions that cannot be approved.

What our customers say about EasyFix®

Here are a few examples of our customers’ experiences with EasyFix®

MK2 Huse has used EasyFix® in all their construction projects since May 2016.

EasyFix® has made our work easier and cheaper. Now we can install perfectly-fitting columns at the most suitable point in time in the construction process.

We just measure the rod, assemble EasyFix® and install. It’s easy and fast.

We can keep EasyFix® in stock and install it immediately. At last have a ready-to-use product that fits every time.

MK2 Huse would definitely recommend EasyFix®.


Construction manager, MK2 Huse

Bernt Nielsen

Carpenter, Bernt Nielsen Huse

Jens from JFK Byg has worked with EasyFix® and says that it makes the working process easier and faster at no extra cost.

The new EasyFix® adjustable support column solves our challenges with respect to both production time at the blacksmith and to taking measurements. EasyFix® is good to have in stock so that we can solve these challenges immediately.

We use EasyFix® instead of ordering steam pipes from the blacksmith. Now we buy the new adjustable support column at the Bygma DIY center. We save time, and the cost is the same.

It has made the working process easier, and we don’t have to wait for anything. Our work has been streamlined, and we are using a documented product.

It is simple and easy to work with EasyFix®. I would definitely recommend EasyFix® to other construction firms and craftsmen.


Master carpenter and owner, JFK Byg


EasyFix® can also save a great deal of time and money with respect to building starts, tract houses and pre-sold homes.

Here are a few of the tract house builders that have chosen to use EasyFix® for precisely these reasons.

Bülow Huse
Bernt Nielsen
Leve Huse
MK2 Huse
Vestergaard Huse
Visuel Huse

Buy EasyFix® from your local expert

EasyFix® is available at select DIY centers and wholesalers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EasyFix® CE approved?
Yes - EasyFix® steel columns are approved in accordance with DS/EN-1090, which is the European legislation for construction steel. See the EasyFix® CE declaration of conformity here.
How do I order EasyFix®?
EasyFix® can be purchased at a number of different distributors and DIY centers. Some of these are shown under the “Partners” tab at the top of the page.
Can you use EasyFix® in multiple-floor buildings?
EasyFix® was primarily developed for one- and two-story houses, so EasyFix® is not always suitable for buildings where high carrying capacity is necessary. The limiting factor is the carrying capacity. EasyFix® can be used for projects of up to 13.6 metric tons (136kN).
Can EasyFix® be used in DIY projects?
Yes - EasyFix® can be used by professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers.
Who manufactures EasyFix®?
EasyFix® is primarily manufactured by EBS’ sister company, Metallin ApS. See www.Metallin.dk for more information.
Can my company become an EasyFix® distributor/partner?
You are very welcome to contact us with a view to becoming a distributor.

Any questions?